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Video presented at Youth fireside Jan 31, 2016

The photos accompanying this video include backgrounds evocative of the personality and interest expressed by each youth, indicated by the "prop" contained in the picture and from conversation during the photo shoot.

Almost all of these backgrounds were found among the some 27,000 photos I've taken (and deemed worthy of keeping) over the years, which I describe next to each Youth photo. I borrowed a few from my twin brother, Jon, with his permission. See his amazing photography at And in a few instances, I found something appropriate on the internet (no comment on these).

This was an amazingly fun project which allowed me to follow one of my stars to continuously improve my skills with both photography and photoshop.

I want to thank Bishop Brad McKell for asking me to participate and especially want to thank the young men and women who so willingly and with such patience and admirable restraint from eye-rolling put up with endless posing and lighting adjustments.