What can I say? Yet another photography website. As addictions go, this one is pretty harmless.

Everyone takes pictures. Some do it well. A very few do it extraordinarily well. Some are just lucky to be in the right place at the right time with a camera or phone to make an iconic image.

So, why do I take and post pictures? Well, there are over 7 billion people on this planet and untold billions more of fascinating places and instants of time where an image can be both meaningful and beautiful and unique if created with the experience, practice and desire to make it so. Or where a series of images can tell a story, even of everyday events. I take pictures because there will always be plenty out there of value to someone, and over a lifetime of practice I consider myself one of those who do it well, and that makes life more fun.

Some images straight from the camera can be amazing. But, as Ansel Adams knew, the film of yesterday or chip of today doesn't necessarily see as well as the human eye or as well as the human imagination. Adams mastered the darkroom to take his photographs to a higher level. Today's darkroom is Photoshop and its many lesser-known competitors. Photoshop is my second addiction, and I use it to wring out the best of what's on that digital chip.

As you can see, this isn't a commercial site. Although zenfolio provides services to sell prints and such I haven't gone there yet - perhaps down the road. Be happy to hear from you if you see images from which you'd like prints. Remember, everything here is copyrighted.

I am asked from time to time to do event photography, family and individual portraits and the like. For example, see http://5whowerewise.blogspot.com. If you have an interesting project or an interesting location, contact me. We can talk.

In the meantime, enjoy the galleries. -- Don