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Brains, Heart & Courage

Brains, Heart & Courage

Pieced by Kathy Cracroft Wilhelmsen (Draper, Utah – 2013)

This quilt was several years in coming together. In 2004 Kathleen Morgan Squires had given me several pieces of fabric from the 2000 Wizard of Oz collection put out by David Textiles for the L. Frank Baum trust. I used most of it in a quilt for Nicole Russell but still had a large piece of blue fabric with a sweet little design of Munchkins, Dorothy, and the Good Witch.

Slowly and in circuitious ways, other fabrics came into play and a design took shape, based surprisingly on the Evelyn Sloppy pattern cited below. This quilt looks nothing like that quilt!

For me, the yellow fabric represents the Yellow Brick Road, the checked blue fabric looks like Dorothy’s dress, and the red fabric suggests the field of red poppies. I was lucky to find various other Oz pieces from the “No Place Like Home” line from Quilted Treasures. Somehow it all came together.l The pieced back, with its Oz panel in the center, is a fun surprise.

Pattern for center of quilt top: “Elegant Garden” from Forty Fabulous Fast-Cut Quilts by Evelyn Sloppy.

Quilted by Eagle Mountain Quilting
Size is 68 x 77 inches