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Fainting In Grandma's Kitchen

Fainting In Grandma's Kitchen

Pieced by Kathy Cracroft Wilhelmsen (Draper, Utah – 2011)

My Grandma Cracroft made sleepovers such fun adventures. In Grandma’s darkened bedroom, we would hide in the bed sheets and blankets – our imaginary tent – as Grandma scared and delighted us by pretending to be a bear. After one especially exciting night shared with my sister Shauni and cousin Carolyn, Grandma was making us breakfast in her cozy kitchen the next morning, dishing up fried egg sandwiches and regaling us with family stories.

She was talking about a cousin of hers who, in the process of siphoning gasoline from a car, blew his chin off. To rebuild his chin, he had to have skin grafts . . . and, according to Grandma, they used the skin from his chest, “including his nipple.” That’s when I fainted dead away, my face plopped into the middle of my fried egg!

These 1930s “Gracie” fabrics remind me of my grandma, Grace Darling White Cracroft, her kitchen, and the memorable morning when I fainted there!

Pattern inspired by a quilt I saw at Material Girls in South Jordan, Utah.

Quilted by Eagle Mountain Quilting
Size is 58 x 66 inches