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Inauguration Day: January 20, 2021

Inauguration Day: January 20, 2021

Celebrating a new direction and the
hope of healing for our nation.

Pieced by
Kathy Cracroft Wilhelmsen
(Draper, Utah – 2020 through 2021)

In the spring of 2020, my cousin Carolyn White Zaugg
showed me a quilt top she first began 20 years earlier
and was now committed to finishing. It was a “mystery”
quilt that created a radiating star pattern, all from
half-square triangles. We spent a memorable day together
brainstorming ideas for how to complete the quilt and
nurturing the bond we have had as cousins from infancy,
being just nine days apart.

Afterward, my mind kept going back to the images of
Carolyn’s quilt (which she’d done in shades of green).
Not long after, I drafted up the pattern from photos and
was picking through my stash for navy and cream leftovers.
Carolyn finished her quilt, expanded to a generous king-sized
version, and I got my 75x75 sized one done not long afterward.

Quilted by
Quilts on the Corner
Sandy, Utah