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A Noteworthy Life

A Noteworthy Life

Pieced and quilted by Kathy Cracroft Wilhelmsen (Draper, Utah – spring 2006).

I made this little quilt (9 x 12 inches) for Ami Simms’ Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative. Each month her website had a ten-day silent auction to sell a dozen or so of these little art quilts to the highest bidders. All proceeds went to research on Alzheimer’s Disease.

I made this quilt in honor of my mom. The music and piano fabrics, the color green, and the portion of a true love’s knot block all have meaning as they relate to my mother. The quilt sold for $50, and the very next day I received this lovely email from the kind woman who purchased it:

June 16, 2006

Dear Kathy,

Thank you so much for making this beautiful little quilt! I love it. And the timing could not have been more fortuitous! Ami Simms has been in East Aurora, NY, where I live, this week.

On Tuesday evening I heard her speak at one quilt guild on “How Not to Make a Prize-winning Quilt,” and she had us all in stitches (pun deliberate). On Wednesday morning I went to the other guild meeting and heard her on the subject of the story-telling, learning quilts – marvelous. Then yesterday I took a workshop she led on String Quilts – today I put together the blocks from the strings – got 22 blocks. And today your quilt arrived from the Alzheimer’s Auction! What perfect timing.

Musical ability is a big thing in my family too. My mother played the piano until this year when, at 91, a stroke and a fall made it just too discouraging. She has now shipped off her grand piano to my daughter, who lives in Florida and is a church music director, organist, piano teacher, and music director of local community theatre musicals. Jacki sight-reads Vivaldi with the ease I read a book . . . I’m in awe.

My husband earned his way through college and seminary playing the piano in a dance band and background music for dining. With him it just comes out his brain and flows down through his fingers.

I, on the other hand, simply “passed on” the talent. But I sew like a feind, and must have collected every music-themed fabric there is. So I was a natural to purchase your quilt. I will give it as a gift to Jacki (that daughter I mentioned).

I hope you have recorded your mother’s playing, even if it is somewhat diminished in quality. In years to come, that would be very precious to have. I know that there were recordings of my father’s sermons, which church members carried to shut-ins – and I could kick myself for not asking for some of them when he died many years ago.

From your last name, I guess you have some Norwegian background. My mother-in-law was born in Norway. Small world!

Very best greetings to you,
Lucille Doxey (always called Lu)