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Gracie Mae

Gracie Mae

Pieced by Kathy Cracroft Wilhelmsen (Draper, Utah – 2005).

This quilt, made in 1930s reproduction fabrics, is named for my grandmothers, Grace Darling White Cracroft and Mae Elizabeth Rose Wallace Storrs, whose aprons, tablecloths, and kitchen curtains probably had fabrics much like these. This fabric is often referred to as “Aunt Gracie”, and the back is done in a print with multiple little Gracie dolls.

Pattern: Yellow Brick Road

Custom quilted by Vicky Westmoreland (Salt Lake City, Utah in 2006). Vicky used a shell pattern in the center of the quilt, a feather pattern along the borders, and wreaths in each corner.

I made this quilt for a utilitarian purpose: to cover the electrical panel at the bottom of the stairs to our basement.

Size is 50 x 50 inches.