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Pieced by Kathy Cracroft Wilhelmsen (Draper, Utah – 2008).

“Grazioso” is a musical term meaning “play it gracefully.” I made and named this quilt in remembrance of my mother, Kathryn Storrs Cracroft (August 31, 1924 – September 20, 2007).

Mom worked at a card shop in Sugarhouse for many years. The punchline of her favorite greeting card read: “This growing old gracefully . . . is a heckuva lotta work!” As the plaque and tangles of Alzheimer’s grew and settled into Mom’s brain, this phrase became a mantra she would repeat – over and over and over – as we, her family, rolled our eyes, shook our heads, and gazed heavenward for deliverance.

“Growing old gracefully is a heckuva lotta work” – oh, the blessed irony in this line. Little did we know then that Mom was in fact predicting her future and clueing us in on what was to be. For she did indeed grow old with stunning grace and remarkable graciousness, and we had no idea just how much work it would be, for us somewhat, but certainly for her, and how she would instruct and teach us in the process.

I also chose the name “Grazioso” to reflect the importance of music throughout my mom’s life and especially to honor how graciously she treated everyone she met.

To enhance this theme, Vicky Westmoreland quilted musical notes and the treble and bass clefs along the borders and in the centers of the stars.

I chose the Friendship Star as the primary block for this quilt because the kindness of friends at the time of my mother’s passing provided the means to purchase the lovely batik fabrics for the quilt.

Pattern is “Friendship Star” from Quilts from the Quiltmaker’s Gift by Line, Tubesing, and deMarcken.

Custom quilted by Vicky Westmoreland (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Size is 59 x 68 inches.