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Hi, Honey

Hi, Honey

Made by Kathy Cracroft Wilhelmsen (Draper, Utah – January 2008) and sold by the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative at the 2008 Houston International Quilt Festival for $40 to benefit Alzheimer’s research.

This fanciful honeybee with fuschia wings is paper-pieced, machine-quilted, and embellished with Swarovsky crystals. The honeybee pattern was created by Annette Truong,, and used for this non-profit purpose with her kind permission.

A traditional “charm” quilt, the fabric in each “stretched star” block is different.

Dedication: During visits with my mother, I became attached to many of the other residents at her Alzheimer’s center. One was a tiny lady named Marion, who talked constantly, repeating over and over, “Honey, honey, oh honey, come here, honey” and on and on. She was such a honey herself, and this little quilt honors her.

Size is 9 x 12 inches.