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Bon Appetit!

Bon Appetit!

Designed and pieced by Kathy Cracroft Wilhelmsen (Draper, Utah – 2014)

For Miya Kodama, in celebration of her graduation from Brigham Young University, April 2014. For a couple of months I had been thinking about what kind of quilt I wanted to make for Miya. My sister-in-law Barbara received a bounty of sample fabrics from her friend Dana, among them a line with a kitchen theme. Barbara had these fabrics in a “throw away” pile, and I retrieved them, immediately thinking of Miya when I saw them.

The front of the quilt, in recognition of Miya’s culinary avocation, represents a table set for a meal. The back of the quilt also honors Miya: her BYU degree in urban planning (the houses), her Japanese heritage and her Texas roots, her love of the ocean and biking, and her desire to one day own a big dog!

Quilted by Eagle Mountain Quilting
Size is 58 x 76 inches